welcome to my new page, my name is Peter Byrne, I’m a maker of fine hand made guitars, based in Glasgow, all my instruments are truly hand made, meaning each instrument is unique.

Another happy customer.

Another customer, just popping in to get new strings for his baby.

About me

I studied guitar making at the london Guildhall university to a degree level and have now been making and repairing musical instruments for over twenty years.

I started out making acoustic and electric basses, I then moved on to making acoustic guitars (six and twelve string). But for the last ten years I’ve been building electric guitars.

About my guitars


I only use the finest quality tonewoods to create my instruments, and all my (spec built) guitars come with Seymour Duncan pickups. (Obviously any kind of pickups can be used in my guitars). What makes my design unique is that I use “tune o’matic” style bridges with a through body string construction. (Best of both words you could say). My guitars are also chambered and have whats known as a drop top. meaning the guitar body is constructed with either a two or four chambered section, with a solid hardwood top.